Season 1 Production Day 1

29 08 2011




We could not have asked for better weather to film outside. To kick off the morning, we started with a few scenes of Sam chasing Duncan and Henri off of his lawn with a knife. The scene looked hilarious with some great acting from Sam Priest, Byron Roussin and Toph Enany. After that, we took some footage of Henri raking while singing that sad Angels song by Sarah Mcclaughlin.
Then we moved indoors for a scene where Sam catches Duncan hiding a condom wrapper in his kitchen cabinets. We took about five takes from each angle which resulted in 1) Toph punching a cabinet by accident, 2) Sam getting pelted with cashews, 3) a disgusting ring of lube/spermicide left on the ceiling from Toph nonchalantly tossing the condom in the first few takes.
Our first shots of Lenny, played by our director Nick Chandler rounded out the afternoon. We filmed a scene from episode 4 where he and Sam hug out some of Sam’s emotional problems with Yard Times. By the end of this scene, Sam was hugged by pretty much the entire crew as we set up camera angles and focus.



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