Season 1 Production Day 3

5 09 2011


This posting is dedicated to Byron’s back. The day after filming with his shirt off he posted this photo of the sacrifice he made for team Yard Times. Be strong sweet prince. (Originally posted by @thelegend742)


We filmed in Addison, IL on Day 3 and used this as the location for Henri’s garden. Henri would of course garden while completely nude – hence the shirt being off for the first half of the day.


This was our first day with Sophie Austin (as Margo) and she played a convincing boss trying to tap-dance her way out of a sexual harassment lawsuit. She easily won the Best Dressed award for filming so far.


CLOUDS! Who would have thought that a beautiful day could be so annoying. Nearly every shot was delayed due to the clouds blocking the sun and therefor our no-budget lighting.


Another angle of Henri gardening in the buck. Also pictured is Michelle, one of our producers who spent her first day on set.


Breaking for lunch, we discussed the finer points of walking in on your parents having sex. It happens.


Deanna, played by Beverlee, going door-to-door for Yard Times. The “Customer” in this scene is played by our own sound-guy Max.


Nick and Bev getting a close-up angle. A big thanks to Bev for coming out to Addison, IL despite having only one line all day.


Another touching door-to-door moment where Duncan battles his own illiteracy. A very special episode of Yard Times.


Sorry Tarantino, gotta borrow your standard “Opening the Trunk of a Car” angle for this shot. Lenny and Duncan doing what they do.


Candid shot of Toph and Nick – “no matter what happens, we’ll always have Brokeback Suburbs.”


We ended the day with a beautiful shot, set up by director Nick Chandler and filmed by Max Phillips, where we see Martin’s reflection in the mirror of his car as the Yard Times crew falls right into his trap.


Martin, played by me (Blaise Sewell), had to wait in the car and watch everyone’s reaction to the footage. Interesting way to end the day.


Also in honor of Byron’s back, we have dedicated a street in his name. If you’re ever in Addison, IL then you’ll know exactly who this street is named after now.
Stay tuned as we will post more pictures and possibly some more bonus material throughout the week.




One response

10 09 2011
David Lester Gange

You should have put a Yard Times stencil on Byron’s back. Brilliant marketing!

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