More Photos From Day 5

14 09 2011

Last Sunday we filmed in beautiful (and far) Arlington Heights again. I decided to switch from my Android camera to a cheap little Nikon CoolPix, so these photos are HUGE and slightly better quality. Enjoy!


He had a knife! Setting up a scene between Duncan and Henri after they ran away from Sam, the scene we filmed on Day 1.

Roach Control! This is the first we've filmed of Roach (Michelle) decked out in her camo and bandana.

Bev couldn't stop her vehicle in time and ended up running over Toph and Byron. It was a bloody mess. I think she might be laughing in this photo. Everything is ok, though, because they only sustained a few compound fractures. KIDDING! This is actually a scene where Deanna drifts, Tokyo style!

Blaise poses for me, demonstrating his expertise with the smart phone camera! This is a scene we never get to see. The initial weekend blog photos are posted by Blaise, so he's always BEHIND the camera. Here we get to see him at work. Check out the determination in his face! He wants to snap the shit out of those photos!

The PA never gets any props! Blaise and I share the duties of PA. Notice our state of the art clapperboard. We decided to go all Michael Bay on your asses, only sans budget. This is a scene with an epic Roach line.

Those damn clouds again! God hates us.

We had to get these shots out of the way before the clouds came back. Also, the chick next door basically told us we were trespassing and threatened to call the property owner. I think she thought we were filming porn or some kind of hippie environmental piece about the dangers of sprawl. Or something.

I wanted to post another picture of Toph with his juice box and "joint". I have to mention that he is very brave for filming this scene. Fat cicadas were crawling up the tree trunk and ants were crawling all over his body during the shot. If that were me I would have panicked.

I have no idea what this is all about. I was lying in the grass and decided to take a picture upside down and slightly tilted.



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