More from Day 6

20 09 2011
We were in Arlington Heights, IL again for another day of outdoor shooting. Here are shots I took with my cheap little Nikon.
Choose your weapon! The Lawn Aids crew Klaudia, Dan, and Sam contemplate which weapon best suits their animal spirits for the sexy montage shoots. Wow, even the word ‘montage’ sounds sexy!

Congratulate me on posting the first shot of Martin (Blaise) in his suspenders and creepy mustache. Also pictured is Klaudia wielding her weed whacker.

Another shot of Klaudia making love to the weed-whacker.

Sam demonstrating another of his many suggestive poses with landscaping equipment. Pictured here is a green and yellow John Deere rider mower.

Another shot of Dan doing his best Star Wars Kid impersonation. This time he's in action. Notice the motion blur of the rake, as if it has a mind of it's own and it craves the fall leaves!.

Max's grandma is so awesome! She provided the crew with breakfast as well as use of the property for filming!

Blaise (as Martin) fastens his suspenders with authority! This was a shot taken during montage filming.

Duncan (Toph) and Ramon (Sam) discussing a failed pulling strategy and possibly exchanging ginger cookie recipes.

Luca (Anthony) pleading for God to explain... something.

Nick has his work cut out for him. This is the "That 70s Show" sequence, a very difficult scene to shoot. But they pulled it off in five takes"



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