Rain Delay

26 09 2011


This was the scene on Saturday morning, the beginning of the last weekend of outdoor filming which turned out to be a substantially rain-filled weekend. We cancelled filming on both Saturday and Sunday and rescheduled for the first weekend of October. Meanwhile, please enjoy these pictures that may not have made it in earlier postings.


From last weekend, Anthony eats pizza up on a pool-slide while ripping on Toph long-distance style.


David’s up in your bushes, recording your conversation.


Yet another of Toph and his weed whacker penis. It never gets old.


The three actors from the first day of shooting. Sam, Byron and Toph.


Max, Michelle, Anthony and David filming a scene from episode 4.


One of the few shots I got from our first weekend. We rehearsed/improvised a few scenes from episode 1 the weekend before we began prince photog.

And that’s it for now. We still have plenty of production coming up so stay tuned. Furthermore, we plan to post something we’re calling “The Process” of how this show was created and how we’re making it happen – pretty much bribing people with sex. In the meantime, enjoy this scene of Mr. Rogers popping and locking.




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