Season 1 Production Day 7

3 10 2011

Yard Times had another action-packed day out in Arlington Heights and Prospect Heights last Sunday.  We finished nearly every scheduled shot but we really had to go the extra mile to get everything finished. The actor that we intended to play our Cop couldn’t make it because he was in a car accident and we had to do a quick recasting and some on-set rewrites to make everything work. The director also left his binder with our shot list at the first location and we sent P.A. David back to the location only to find it being read by an old lady in her driveway. Full disclosure, the entire day was exhausting (maybe because I spent most of it as the main camera operator for the first time.) With that said, I didn’t get to snap a lot of pictures but David will post his soon.


Toph and Anthony doing what they do best: wrestling while giggling.


We made them slap fives about 50 times until we knew we had the most epic five in web series history.


During the lunch-break, many of the cast and crew took in the Bears game. For some of us, this was the first time seeing an NFL game in years.


A quick discussion of the upcoming shot. Anthony covers his bare leg because of the chilly autumn day and because of the great shame it brings upon him and his family.


Whilst filming a scene from episode 3, Bev, Toph and Anthony open up about boy shorts with words on the butt. Also pictured is Michelle dressed as her character Roach only to find out that we weren’t shooting any Roach scenes that day.


More wrestling and more giggling only this time with hot 30-waist man-pants on.


Between shots, Sophie likes to lead a prayer circle. For those of you that think there is more to this world than comedy and filming, I’d invite you to join our worship service where we serve Satan a weekly sacrifice the evening before each production weekend.


“Make sure the pockets come out the bottom,” was the only instructions I received when constructing the jean shorts. Byron and Anthony runs lines in the sunlight and it looks as if the script is glowing.


David points to the exact spot where he finally realized we were more than production assistants, we were now friends.


Sound-dude Max Phillips wondering why he let all these people film on his parent’s lawn. Thanks Phillips family!


Practicing lines and discussing the last scenes of the day. We were way behind schedule and very rushed at this point.


The martini of the day, this is how these two posed when the script called for them to ‘shuffle over the mower and act natural.’

Unbelievably, we still have at least another day of outdoor filming and it is getting pretty cold in Chicago land. I, Blaise Sewell, will be directing next Saturday and will be excited to actually film in Chicago proper for once. We are in the home-stretch and it feels good! Thanks for reading about Yard Times!




2 responses

4 10 2011

What is the ratio of time allocated in the production schedule for shooting, wrestling and satan worshiping?

PS – I have the same jeans shorts. You got them from G-Star, right? It’s totes all the rage in Amsterdam at the moment.

4 10 2011

We like to multitask and Satan-worship between every take, we wrestle with balancing the two tasks every day. Actually, I made the shorts a few minutes before shooting. You mean to tell me they are selling these for money and I should do the same? Thanks for reading and reminding me of the word ‘totes’ – hadn’t used it in a few weeks.

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