More from Day 7

5 10 2011

Another beautiful day for filming!

Action shot of Duncan (Toph) and Luca (Anthony) in their moment of triumph.

The cast relaxing and watching the Bears game. Don't look too closely, Anthony is still in costume. Or is he???

Another shot of Anthony in his every day clothes. We had to push him to get into costume. Oh wait... nevermind. Also in the shot, Michelle does PA work, looking very winterish.

Blaise practicing his directorial skills. I stand by my statement. He looks like a young Francis Ford Coppola.

It may look like they're getting the perfect upskirt photo, but it's just Nick and Blaise finding their frame. Yup, that's exactly what it is.

An actual lawn mowing scene. Kind of...

A shallow grave...

Hi, I'm Toph... *insert declarative statement here*

Last, but not least, this one dude who is part of the cast. Dean, or something.



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