Season 1 Production Day 8

10 10 2011

We were on hand for the FINAL day out outdoor shooting *whew*. With Blaise taking over direction duties for the day, he was too busy holding the camera and lining up the camera, so I took most of the pictures with the help of Michelle.  We filmed in beautiful Humboldt Park on an Indian Summer day where the temps hit 80, and outside of a few domestic disturbances a few houses away and a couple of scooters riding by playing mariachi music, they day went pretty smoothly.

You know shit gets real when we start filming scenes with tricycles.

Max and Toph discuss the receding shade as the sweltering sun passed over. Jenna is probably wondering what she's gotten herself into.

Pay no attention to the yellow leaves on the ground! Blaise filming a scene with Henri (Byron) wondering WTF was going on over there...

... where THIS was going on. Let's not speculate. Just go with it...

"We're like the Smuckers Brothers!" Today we finally got to film scenes with Bunny (Jenna) and Be-Wizzy (Andrew). I almost peed my pants during these scenes.

Blaise and Max look on while Anthony prepares for some epic garbage picking.

They'starting a new band called the Shit Stick Sundaes.

Roach (Michelle) holds a knife to Henri's (Byron's) neck while they argue about what to do with their discovery. Byron is a brave guy. I actually saw metal touch skin twice. There were no injuries, and Yard Times was not reduced to snuff film status.




One response

10 10 2011

Thanks for posting these David! Tricycles and knives really put this day over the top. I really liked Andrew’s improv while he and Jenna were walking into one of the scenes. He said something about Sesame Street and Oscar the Grouch being gay and stuff about white people. I also almost blew a take for the first time when Anthony threw out the line “Long Distance High Five” when we did his over-shoulder shot. Fun final day outdoors.

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