Season 1 Production Day 9

6 11 2011

Our final full weekend of principle photography started with the crew converting an apartment living room into the Yard Times break area. I learned that refrigerators had wheels and that futons are easily the most awkward type of furniture to move. Both days this weekend were extremely long and exhausting but we managed to wrap all necessary scenes late  Sunday evening.


(Above) We began with a scene from episode 1 where we establish most of the main characters in the Yard Times world. Henri eating a meat stick.


Bryon (playing Henri) prepares for the next scene with some stretches.


Another scene from episode 1, the one where Duncan decides to wear a shirt over his head the whole time.


Henri and Lenny discuss the finer points of AIDS and serious methods of prevention.


The director’s favorite shot of the day. We realized that we utilize Byron’s body more than anyone else during the first season.


Setting up Margo’s office took a majority of the afternoon but afterward it looked amazing. On her wall is a photo of Martin, the manager of the rival crew, and of course it rests on a dart board.


Margo, sporting a strange assortment of mesh garments, moon shoes and Hannah Montana microphone, works hard to keep Yard Times running. These were some of my favorite shots of the day.


Sam (played by Samuel Priest) and Margo (Sophie Austin) figure out the best approach to ruling the world. Margo wants a steady take over beginning with Yard Times while Sam pushes for nuclear warfare.


Nick, still in Lenny costume, directs some of the final scenes of the day. We wrapped Saturday knowing that we’d spend the entire next day in that room. Quite frankly, we miss shooting outdoors and, like every long-term project,  most of the cast and crew are SO ready to wrap this first season. Check later this week for Day 10 photos.




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