Season 1 Production Day 10

11 11 2011

Day 10 started out with coffee and doughnut holes and whole lot of costume changes. I believe we filmed a scene from all seven episodes which meant a ton of continuity concerns. Some of us (me) only had four hours of sleep despite the extra hour because of Daylight Savings.


The gang (above) warmed up with some improv games and coffee. Our Day 9 break room was transformed into the Day 10 green room.


Margo enjoys a delicious cigarette during a scene from episode 3.


Duncan brings out the Santa hat and explains his hangover might cause him to work even slower than usual. You and me both Duncan, you and me both.


In the background, you can see the World Map Margo created for Yard Times. Currently, she owns the territories of North and South America.


Another lesson from Margo: when in doubt, whip out the gun.


Another busy day in the office, we barely got the electric system on that game to work.


We were quite happy with our Margo’s Office set. You really can never have too much purple.


In a racy scene between Margo and Henri, the director (still in Lenny costume) encourages the cast by removing articles of his own clothing.


During some tense moments, Byron just went off on his hand. We had our first on-set fight and Max (sound guy) jumped in to prevent Byron from punching his own hand in the face. Really rough to see this happen between such close friends. Byron later said that he and his hand worked it out together.


Our martini of the day ended up being a sound-only scene. A gentle way to wrap a very long production. At this point, the sun had already gone down an hour early and we were running two hours behind.

Final scenes are being filmed tonight (at the time of the writing of this post.) We will post pictures from those scenes and the wrap party next week. Thanks for reading.




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