Season 1 Production Day 11 and Wrap Party

18 11 2011

Ah yes, the final day (evening) of production. We had this bright idea that we’d film a party scene from episode 2 at the same time/location as the wrap party. Planning for a party is tough enough but then throwing in a night of filming proved to be a hilarious task. Must. Not. Drink. Til. Wrapped.


We only had one scene to film but had to coordinate extras, create a party atmosphere and then yell “quiet on set” during every take and to top it off, one of the main actors couldn’t make it. David, Nick and I put our heads together and came up with a reasonable solution. Deanna trying to get Duncan under control early in the shoot. (Above)


We had some amazing performances by our main actors and a few first-timers. Alex and Day stepped into the scene as our Girl 1 and Girl 2.


We also had the REAL Duncan on hand. My brother, Duncan Sewell, came up from St. Louis, MO to give us a hand and made it on camera during a few takes.


Nick lines up the shot while Toph ‘pretends’ to drink a Four Loco.


Riddle Time: Natalie, who appears in every episode and plays Sam’s wife, made an appearance for the first time on the Yard Times set. How does that work?


I’m pretty sure we were wrapped at this point but Byron and Dan started chilling out in the sun room.


Actually, there wasn’t a clear line drawn between where the Wrap Party started and the Scene Party ended. Who knows what will make it in the final cut?


Bev comes in and destroys the dance floor. Duncan and Andrew just trying to keep up.


Part of montage of party scenes, Michelle (playing Rochelle) hits on my friend Jeff.


Final picture that I remember taking, the Real Duncan and Toph (playing Duncan) had a dance off to see who the Duncanest Duncan was, a battle that ended in a tie. Greg, on the left side of the frame, delivered an incredibly hilarious performance as Lance, the gay friend.

Seriously, some of the most talented and genuine people I’ve ever worked with played a part in the making of Yard Times. I cannot wait to see this all edited and released early next year. Stay tuned as we leak some videos and other updates along the the way. We have some more Wrap Party pictures that we’ll post later too.




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