About Us

Yard Times is an episodic web series (created by the Cookie Butchers) that follows an absurd group of lawn boys and girls across the summer landscaping season. Season 1 is scheduled for release beginning spring 2012.

Blaise Sewell is the author of this blog. He is a producer, writer, casting director and actor in Yard Times. His personal site can be found here. We will also have contributions from David Gange, the creative director, producer, writer and actor on Yard Times. Thanks for checking us out.

Also wanted to add, if you ever have a question about how we filmed a scene or looking for some help with your own project, then we would love to help out! Go filmmakers!


2 responses

28 09 2011

Thanks for liking my recent post. I hope you get a chance to check out the rest of The Chronicles.

I’m your run-of-the-mill ego-maniac, so I’d love to read your comments (whether you’re laughing or crying in disgust).

I love the concept for your blog. Behind the Scenes diaries fascinate me. The impending web series sounds intriguing as well. I’m a subscriber!

28 09 2011

For sure buddy. I only read a small amount but have you marked down for a follow-up when I have some time to read more. Thanks for checking us out too.

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