Yard Times Intro Music

13 01 2012

Huge thanks to Matt Sawicki at Suburban Pro Studios for putting together our Intro song. Check it!

More updates coming about post-production of Season 1 and we’ve begun pre-production of Season 2.



Today on Cooking Today

12 10 2011

While filming a difficult scene in Episode 4, someone left David and I alone with the shotgun mic. Between takes we snapped off a quick NPR parody about cooking dandelions. Enjoy this small Easter Egg recorded from the inside of my car.


Yard Times Word Search Puzzle

27 09 2011

Give it to your kids or your grandma, we have our very own Yard Times word search puzzle to keep you entertained. All of these words and names appear in the first season of Yard Times!

Behind the Scenes: Epic Burn

22 09 2011

In this scene, the director asked Anthony to make fun of Toph. No, he did not ask him to make fun of the character that Toph is playing, he called for Anthony to sprechen some truth about Toph. This shot will be used for closeup reactions of Duncan near the end of episode 7. To see more notes from this scene, check out the beginning of Production Day 5.

Yard Times Sunburn

15 09 2011

Henri really took one for the team. He’s always been the most dedicated lawn boy of Yard Times. This promotional piece is brought to you from an idea David Gange had to actually burn a stencil into Byron’s back. Photoshop seemed like a better option. We might use this for something further down the line.

Hey kids! Now you can make your very own Yard Times Sunburn too! Just print off the Yard Times Stencil, cut out the shape and torch the skin tissue on your back. It’s that easy! (Adult Supervision is Required)

Yard Times Shirt Stencils

30 08 2011

Make your own Yard Times shirts! This is the shirt stencil and I followed the directions from this guide. A little further down the road we might consider selling these if they are in popular demand. Please let us know if you’re interested in a shirt. Click here to download the .ai vectorized art.

Interesting side note: we had nearly fifty views on the first day of this blog. That’s almost half of one hundred! Thanks for checking us out and we will continue to post goodies like the posting today.

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