YARD TIMES: Episode 3

4 09 2012

This episode picks up where Episode 2 left off. Many of the crew are left picking up the pieces from the night before.


YARD TIMES: Episode 2

23 08 2012

You don’t have to scroll too far back in this blog to see how much fun we had filming this episode. Mostly because of the party scenes, which of course gave us an excuse to throw a real party, but this episode also includes some great performances by a few guests.

YARD TIMES: Episode 1

16 08 2012

After months of editing and reviewing and then more editing, episode one of Yard Times is finally out. It’s funny to finally see it all put together and we owe a big thanks to the crafty editing of Nick Chandler (who is also the director, a producer and also plays Lenny.)

So stay tuned as episodes 2-7 are released over the next few months.


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